Thentix Skin Conditioning Cream

​​Thentix Skin Conditioner  - Thentix skin conditioner is made with “a Touch of Honey”. Honey has been used

as a healing aid for centuries acting as an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory agent. Honey also

kills germs, promotes the growth of healthy tissue, treats burns effectively and promotes quicker healing with

less scarring and does not clog pores. Honey nourishes the skin and helps hydrate naturally.

Thentix Muscle & Joint Formula

Thentix - A Touch of Honey Muscle & Joint Formula is a unique topical pain relieving cream that contains 
​anti-arthritic and anti-spasmodic properties with the ability to target serious pain and penetrate deep below the skin.
Thentix is formulated with only natural ingredients that have been used for centuries as pain relievers by natural
​healers. No harsh chemicals, which can be abrasive and damaging to skin over time, are found in Thentix cream.

Thentix Lip Balm

Thentix™ Vanilla Lip Balm is a natural lip balm that is loaded with Avocado oils, rich in vitamins and essential 
fatty acids, to nourish, condition and soften lips all day long. Seals in hydration and promotes healing.
​Also contains SPF 15.

Thentix Shampoo and Conditioner

THENTIX Shampoo (8-oz) and Conditioner (8-oz). Containing 99% natural plant-based ingredients, 
THENTIX Shampoo and Conditioner care for your hair and scalp the way nature intended – ever so
​gently. These deluxe haircare products won’t aggravate chronic, dry skin conditions. THENTIX Shampoo is available in a unique formulation that rinses out quickly with minimal water, causing less
damage to the hair, while THENTIX Conditioner remains on the hair longer for better absorption.
​Both are hypoallergenic and infused with nutrients to moisturize the hair

Thentix Moroccan Hair Oil

Thentix Moroccan Hair Oil (4-oz).  Featuring Argan Oil, hair stylists believe that this exotic oil is the right 
choice to heal and restore damaged, dry and weak hair due to environmental extremes, excessive styling
practices, colouring and perms. Thentix Moroccan Hair Oil tames and softens dry, frizzy and coarse hair
​while adding nutrition and moisture into the hair.

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