Testimonials from our customers

" We had company tonight... my friend tried your Thentix cream which I had here at home.... liked it and ordered it online... now she has told a few more friends... and they are all ordering it from you. The latest was for a cancer victim... who tried it on a recent surgery location... and amazed... absolutely amazed at how her skin was returning to normal. Thank you, from myself and many of us here in Ontario who are so very happy to have this cream available to us. I just had to pass this on.... because your cream never ceases to amaze me."
Gwen - Ontario, Canada
"For years, I've been plagued with hands so dry that the skin around my fingernails was constantly peeling back and bleeding. I recently discovered Thentix, used it for four days and the problem was instantly resolved. Additionally, I live in an area where we have horse flies whose bites cause the flesh to swell and long-lasting itching. Applying a small amount of Thentix to the bite immediately stops the itching and prevents swelling. I only wish I had known of this product when I was going through radiation for breast cancer two years ago! " Michele Phoenix - Port Franks, Ontario, Canada

" I started using Thentix about a week or two ago and it has healed my dry skin and this bump on the side of my head that I have had for over a few months. I bought some at the local fair and online, now I ordered it for my whole family." Karen E. - Stillwater, MN 
" I had had real dry sikn on the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet only. I went to dermatologist and they had tried all kind of things on it. They said it was Pulsar Psoriasis which just come on the soles and palms only. I had to keep my foot and hands wrapped up because they were raw and itched real bad. I was ready to cut off my hands and foot cause they really bothered me. I didnt think my soles and palms would ever be the same. Then I tried Thentix. Just a couple weeks of using it, the itch and dryness went away. Now my hands look great and the sole of my foot gets dry once in a while and I just put Thentix on it when this happens. Thank you sooo much for this wonderful product. It brought my life of no more pain and dryness cracking and wrapping of my hands and foot! I would highly recommend it to anyone with any skin problem! Thank you again for this great product. "

" Purchased Thentix large size at the Big E in W. Springfield, MA. Great product - stays on after washing my hands. My hands are soft and smooth. Great product!"  Don Pliska - Westfield, MA

" I get massages daily with Thentix, I am a cancer patient. The healing attributes is felt. My body gets sore from lying so much but the massages with Thentix present a wonderful aid. " anonymous " I purchased the Pain Formula at the St. Jacobs Market and I highly recommend it to anyone suffering from the pain of fibromyalgia. The smell is quite pleasant and I found relief almost immediately and the relief lasted 3-4 hours. I also use the thentix skin formula that is a miracle in a jar! I love the way it softens my skin and makes my hands look younger. " Sandra Coulter - Courtice, Ontario, Canada