URAD Leather Care

With one application URAD cleans, nourishes, protects and shines all smooth leathers with no restriction on color and

dries quickly without leaving a greasy, sticky film. URAD will not rub off onto carpets or clothes. Ideally apply URAD to

newly purchased items before you begin using them and at regular intervals thereafter. This will keep your leathers looking

new longer. URAD is suitable for an extremely wide range of applications including most finished leathers, vinyl, rubber and plastic.

 Unlike many, smelly, four step shoe polishes that harden, coat only the surface of your leather and pile up in your closet, this leather cream is clean, fast and easy to use. When applied, URAD opens the pores of the leather (which mink oil, saddle soap, beeswax etc... does not do). The lanolin is absorbed into the leather and floods all the dirt, salt, mold and mildew up into the sponge (which others do not do). While the lanolin in URAD cleans and nourishes the leather, the wax adds a natural protection. You probably know of carnauba from quality car and floor polishes,where it is used because of its strong resistance to scuffing and scratching.The wax allows the leather to breathe at the same time that it protects from water and salt damage. (Again, something other products don't do) URAD does all this for your leather while providing a lustrous shine without the need of buffing in just under a minute. In fact some of the those other products can do actual damage to your leather by drying it out, causing the leather to crack or in some cases, rotting the stitching. You won't have to worry about that with URAD. There is no other product on the market, in any country, that does what URAD can do. It is unbeatable!

Maxfit Gloves

MAXFIT does not contain latex, nitrile or man-made-rubber - materials known to cause allergic reactions in some people.  It is the
skin friendly choice!!! The stretch fit and lightweight construction of Thinglove technology make these new gloves far more
comfortable than ordinary work gloves. Great for construction, fall yard and Do-it-yourselfers. MAXFIT with Thinglove
technology offers new levels of performance and is the leader in comfort. MAXFIT™ with Thinglove™ technology is
engineered with a proprietary technology that is kind to the skin, draws perspiration away and allows the hands to “breathe”
without compromising performance. MAXFIT™ - The leader in Comfort, Grip,Dexterity and Touch Sensitivity.

Dreamsilk Duvets

Luxurious Long Stand Silk Filled Bedding Once only available to nobility, silk is highly treasured and appreciated for its smooth feel and gentle warmth. Silk has long been recognized as a symbol of good taste and well being. Warm, lightweight, machine washable, breathable, non-allergenic, resist dust mites etc Dreamsilks are as warm as down or cotton at approximately half the weight. No more cumbersome heavy comforters to achieve peaceful restful sleep. This is greatly appreciated by older people who may have ailments and who welcome no restriction on their lower extremeties.  Silk is the only known fiber which in its natural state, (cleaned but not processed) is completely non-allergenic. 
This coupled with the knowledge that silk is resistant to dust mites, bacteria and mold has elevated silk as a must
have for those suffering from ​asthma, allergies, etc..
Silk comforters are a practical and cherished gift for loved ones.
​ The silk is 100% Natural, AAA luxurious long strand and the cotton is 100% natural, mercerized with a 233 thread count.
Available in all standard North American sizes. 

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